Welcome to Speak Safely New York, we offer resources and guidance to help you talk to friends and loved ones who might be on the path toward extremism. For those at risk of moving toward violence, we offer a highly specialized program that addresses the root causes of violence to help them move beyond hate.


You may question how your loved one became involved with these beliefs or groups, but anyone can fall victim to disinformation and conspiracy theories. Harmful groups actively use social media, gaming and chat platforms, self-help forums, and message boards to find people who might be vulnerable to their messaging. These groups can appeal to people who are lonely or struggling, giving them a sense of belonging and purpose that they may not have offline. Groups can exploit these new friendships to incite hate, celebrate violence, or spread dehumanizing ideas about others.

No one thing can predict violence.

The path toward violence is different for everyone, but it does not happen overnight. You may notice changes in your loved one happening gradually.

Have you noticed a loved one making anti-Semitic comments or using racist language?

Do they speak in conspiracy theories?

Are they talking about joining a hate group or glorifying violence?

Has their behavior changed in a way that worries you?

Be aware of other changes, such as:

  • Increased time spent online

  • Becoming more secretive online (for example, using a private browser or deleting search history)

  • Withdrawing from friends or family, especially those with differing beliefs

  • Arguing with those with differing beliefs

  • Praising a harmful person or cause

  • Intensifying interest in firearms, explosives, or violence

  • Increasing resentment and complaints about a (real or imaginary) injustice

  • Efforts to obtain firearms or materials to make explosives

  • Sharing plans of violence or identifying targets

Reach out if you are unsure. All conversations are confidential. We can offer help and guidance to the right resources.

Who we are

Our program is culturally sensitive and works across a variety of beliefs and ideologies. Prevention starts with helping our participants recognize violence and hate are not solutions. Our specialists empower participants to make positive changes to better their lives.

You can help your friend or loved one by encouraging them to connect with a specialist who can help them move away from hate and violence.  Our New York state-based specialists empower participants to make positive changes to better their lives.

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